welcome pack welcome pack

When you register on the site we create an individual customer account for you, and send you a welcome pack to get started. The pack comes with all the things you will need to start earning cash for clothes you don't use.


Each pack includes:

  1. A heavy-duty collection bag for your clothes
  2. A letter containing instructions on how to pack your bag and book a collection, as well as your customer information.


How many bags do I get?

  • We provide you with one bag to begin with. The bags are very big and can hold the contents of several bin liners.
  • Once you have returned one bag, and received your payment, you will be able to order more online using your account.
  • Fill the bag with the clothes you would like to swap for cash, making sure everything you pack is in line with our purchase criteria.
  • Squeeze all of the air out and carefully stick the flap down using the self-adhesive strip.
  • You can then book a collection online. You can even email us to book you a collection for any weekday.