Frequently-asked questions

Find answers to some of the most common questions about swapping clothes for cash below. If your question is not answered here, feel free to get in touch! is under new ownership

I was a customer in the past. Do I need to register again?

Yes. As we are a separate company, with no links to the previous owners, we have no access to pre-existing customer data. Please register online and we will send you a new collection bag, and set up a account for you that you can use in the future.

I have a collection bag already. Can I still return it for cash?

Yes. Our courier company will collect your bag and we will be happy to pay for its contents, at the great price of £0.50 per kilo for everything that is clean and undamaged.

I returned a bag and have not been paid for it. Will I get my payment?

Unfortunately, we cannot sent payment for any bags that were collected before December 2013. Bags collected before December 2013 were collected on behalf of's previous owners and we can take no responsibility for them. If you returned your bag after December 2013, you can query its whereabouts and the progress of your order by getting in touch with our Customer Support Team.


Ordering a collection bag

Can I order more than one bag?

No. We need to collect, and pay for, one bag before sending any more. As soon as you receive your payment email, you will be able to order another bag, and you will have the option to order more than one at this point.

How much do the collection bags hold?

Our bags hold more than 20 kilos of clothing, which is the same as about five or six black bin bags.

Can I send you clothing in my own bags?

No. Please do not try to give the courier anything other than the bag we have sent to you. We cannot collect clothing in bin liners, boxes or similar and if you give these to the courier it is probable that they will be lost or unidentifiable.


Booking a collection

How can I book a collection?

It's easy! Book online, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I choose my own collection time?

No. We can book you a collection for any weekday you like, but our couriers cannot specify a time.

Do I have to be in when the collection takes place?

No. If you would like to leave your bag for the courier driver to take, please leave a note on your door explaining that the APC Overnight driver should take the white bag, and informing him/her where it is.

I want to change my collection address. Can I do this?

Yes. Please don't try to do this via your account - give us a ring on 020 3290 4647 and we will be happy to amend your collection address.

Will the APC Overnight driver weigh the bag and/or give me cash on the doorstep?

No, that is not how our service works. The courier is employed to bring the bag back here to us, whereupon it is weighed, and its contents checked for damage before payment is issued.

I am not sure whether my bag weighs 10 kilos or not! Can I still book a collection?

We strongly advise you not to book a collection unless you are SURE your bag weighs more than 10 kilos. We cannot pay for the contents of any bag weighing less than 10 kilos, and we cannot return these underweight bags. It is therefore vital that you reach this minimum weight before booking a collection.



How will I receive my payment?

It depends which option you chose when ordering your bag. We offer payment by PayPal, cheque (subject to a £0.99 handling fee), ASOS gift voucher, or you can donate your payment to our sponsored charity, Carers UK.

You have not accepted some of my items! What now?

If we receive any items that do not meet our criteria, we will take some sample photographs (available through your account) and have them responsibly recycled. The best way to avoid this is to send ONLY clean clothes in good condition.

Why do you not send my unacceptable clothing items back?

Due to the large number of clothes collection sacks we receive daily it is not possible for us to store certain unaccepted items to be reclaimed in the future. Furthermore, due to the weight of clothing we are unable to cover the cost of posting back certain items of clothing. Please note, items that are found to be unacceptable are in the majority of cases simply wet/damp and have therefore increased the cost of the postage we have incurred from collection your clothing! All unacceptable items are sent for recycling, through being "ragged" (torn up) and then utilised in product fillings such as sound proofing or upholstery. We are a zero waste company and none of the textiles that we collect are put to landfill.

I haven't received my cheque!

We unfortunately cannot reissue any cheques for less than £12.50, as this is the cost of cancelling the cheque with our bank. If we do reissue a cheque, £12.50 will be subtracted from your payment. Remember, we can also pay electronically, by PayPal or ASOS gift voucher, and this may be a better option for you if you are worried that your cheque may not reach you.