How it works

Earning CASH from your unwanted clothing is EASY! pays the best price for recycling your unwanted clothing quickly and simply! 50p per kilogram can be earned for all types of unwanted clothes, footwear and accessories.
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We all have clothing that doesn't fit any more, no longer suits our style, or that we simply want to get rid of. Unwanted clothing is a commodity that should not just go to landfill!


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1) Request your FREE clothes collection pack

Request your FREE clothes collection pack by filling in the online request form.

Simply request your FREE clothes collection pack by filling out the form on the right of the page, choosing your desired payment method. We will then post out your FREE collection pack within one business day.

The pack includes a welcome letter and a collection bag that can hold 30 kilos of clothing, roughly the equivalent of 6 large bin bags. The more unwanted clothing you recycle the more CASH you earn!

We will also set up customer account for you, making it easy to manage your sale of used clothing, and send you your log-in details.

For a full list of all clothing items that we DO and DON'T accept please see our "What we buy" page.

New customers may order ONE bag at a time. When you have recycled one bag of your unwanted clothes for cash, you will be able to order another.

2) Book your FREE collection from anywhere in the UK

Request your FREE UK collection of your clothing, visit the request collection page.

Once you receive your FREE clothes collection welcome pack, simply place all your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories into the clothes bag provided. Please see our "What we buy" page regarding which items we accept and the condition required for payment.

We recycle and pay cash for all brands, types and designs of clean (ironing and folding is not necessary), undamaged, new and second-hand clothing, footwear and accessories. Supermarket, high-street and designer clothes, we accept it all as long as the clothes are clean and show no signs of damage or stains.

Once your collection bag weighs at least 10 kilos, you are ready to have your clothes collected for FREE from ANYWHERE in the UK (excludes Northern Ireland, the Scottish islands, and the Channel Islands). With our discreet, insured and trackable clothes collection service, there is no need to weigh your clothing in front of the neighbours and no unmarked "white van" vehicles at your home.

To book a collection, simply visit the "Book a collection" page on our website and book a convenient day for the collection of your clothes.

To book a collection NOW please click here!

3) Payment issued within 24 hours of valuation

Due to recent higher volumes of received bags our processing / valuations can at times fluctuate between busy periods. In such cases, valuations can take up to 18 days from receipt.

Cash for clothes payment

Upon delivery of your bag to us, you will receive email confirmation, for your peace of mind, that your bag has arrived and is about to be processed. We aim to process all clothes collection bags as soon as possible, normally within TWO business days of receipt.

The processing of your clothing is carried out by our trained staff who check both the condition and weight of the clothing.

After processing, an email will be sent informing you of:

  1. The total weight of the clothing
  2. The weight of any garments not accepted
  3. The amount you will be paid

Your payment will then be made within ONE business day! For more information about our payment methods, please look on our page "Payment choices".

A choice of three great ways to get paid

Simply choose your preferred method of payment when you request your FREE collection pack


(PayPal may apply its own charges)

  • Fast payment to your PayPal account
  • PayPal is a safe and secure way to pay online
  • All we need is your email address for quick and easy payment

IMPORTANT: To use PayPal as a method of payment you MUST use the email address associated with your PayPal account when registering, otherwise you will NOT receive payment. Please be aware of the T&C's provided by PayPal, as charges may apply.


(Cheque handling fee applies)

  • Cheques posted within ONE business day of receiving your valuation email
  • All cheques are posted via Royal Mail 2nd class post
  • Your cheque can be paid into ANY UK bank with which you hold an account

IMPORTANT: Your cheque will be made payable to the name you have provided when requesting your FREE clothes collection bag. All cheques are subject to a cheque-handling fee of £0.99, which will be subtracted from your earnings.

AsosASOS gift voucher

We will email you a gift voucher for the value of your payment, to spend on great new outfits at

Carers UKDonate

You can donate the value of your clothes to charity via our website. Simply select "Donate to Carers UK" when registering.


If you have any more questions regarding our FREE clothes for cash service please take a look at our FAQ page or contact a member of our Customer Support Team by email.