What we buy

We pay cash for clothes of many different kinds. Whether you want to sell women's clothes, men's clothes or children's clothes, we can pay you CASH for your unwanted garments. If you want to sell clothes online, check out our list of accepted items to see whether you could recycle your clothing and earn some cash from home!


We DO NOT accept

IMPORTANT NOTE: As the clothing we process is re-sold as second hand clothing, we CANNOT accept certain items for resale including:


We DO NOT accept, and CANNOT pay for, clothing, footwear or accessories that show any signs of damage or stains (see below). Items that are originally sold as a pair, such as footwear and gloves, MUST be sent as a pair.


If you think that your clothing may NOT BE acceptable please email a member of our Customer Support Team or call 020 3290 4647.

We DO accept

If, when you look through your wardrobe, you realise that your style has moved on, that you're holding onto clothing that no longer fits, or that you simply need more space, then earn CASH for your clutter by recycling it from home with Clothesforcash.com!

We recycle and pay CASH for most brands, types and designs of clean, undamaged clothing, footwear and accessories from supermarket to designer, and pay 50p per kilogram.

Remember, we DO NOT accept clothing, footwear or accessories that show any signs of damage or stains. Please see our "We DO NOT accept" page for more information!