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  • Remember, we pay for what we weigh!

    We pay for what we weigh!

    We pay 50p per kilo
    for everything in good condition!

    (Clothing, footwear and accessories)

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    An amazing 92% of us have
    clothing in our wardrobes
    that we just don't wear!!

    (Opinion Matters 2010)

  • Same day payments for your clothing.

    Same day payment!

    Choose PayPal as your payment method and
    your money will be in your PayPal account
    the day we process your clothing!

Clothesforcash.com - Cash for clothes


Here at Clothesforcash.com we give you the opportunity to get CASH for clothes that you no longer need, wear or want for FREE. We all have those items of clothing that a hidden in the depths of our wardrobes that we know we will never use again. In fact 92% of the UK population have clothes in their wardrobes that they no longer wear that they can turn into CASH instantly.

Clothesforcash.com offers a simple and revolutionary way to recycle your old clothes and earn CASH for them in the process. It is so easy to do and you can earn CASH by selling your clothes, sell jeans, sell dresses, sell jumpers, sell shoes, sell jackets, sell dresses, sell shirts, sell trousers, sell coats, and you can even sell accessories like hats, scarves and gloves.

With a FREE nationwide collection service, which is fully insured and traceable, and the great price of 50p per kilo there is no reason not to simply sack it and sell it, and earn CASH for clothes you no longer need.

As well as helping your bank balance, by using the Clothesforcash.com service you are also contributing to the welfare of those less fortunate. Your old and unwanted clothes will be re-used in an ethical manner which will aid those less privileged and also help tackle the growing problem of excess clothing cluttering our landfills and the negative impact seen on our environment.

It has never been easier to sell clothes for CASH.

Simply request your FREE clothes collection pack using the form provided and delve into the mountain unwanted clothes you have literally bursting out of your wardrobe. Place your clothing items into clothes collection bag provided and then book a convenient date for us to come and collect your unwanted clothing for FREE, which means you are making and earning extra CASH without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Different options of payment to receive cash for clothesThen just wait for your CASH! Here at Clothesforcash.com we offer the widest choice of payment methods possible making it easy for you to enjoy the CASH for your old clothes as quickly and easily as possible. The choice of PayPal, cheque, ASOS gift voucher or even donation is available at the click of a mouse!

ClothesforCash.com are here to help you sell your old clothes for CASH, de-clutter your wardrobe and provide an ethical and environmentally friendly way to help sustain the planet and people living on it!


Clothesforcash.com is under new ownership

Latest news about clothesforcash.com

We're still providing a great cash for clothes service, swapping unwanted clothes for cash and providing free home collection, nationwide, every weekday. There are a few changes to the way we work, so if you have previously been a Clothesforcash.com customer, please read our 'How it works' section, FAQs and Terms and Conditions to make sure you're sending the kind of clothes we can pay for.

Order a collection bag today to start earning cash for clothes you're no longer using. We pay a great price for used clothes and our free home collection service makes it easy and convenient to earn cash for clothes of many different kinds!


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